Pandemic Tookit
Published Date: June 2, 2020

Three models for economic recovery

No one really knows how or when the COVID-19 pandemic will end or how the economy will eventually rebound. However, key tactics to successfully weather the current pandemic storm are to be prepared for a variety of scenarios and spend available capital wisely to ensure your business can be sustained
through the crisis. While there are still a lot of unknowns as to how the situation will play out, the Streetsense Pandemic ReLaunch Toolkit has some historical data to help guide you, including what to consider communicating messaging to your customers, operating adjustments, and managing capital.Download the Pandemic Relaunch Toolkit

While it is designed for restaurants and bars, other businesses can gain some valuable insight and tools

• Prepare a capital plan for a relaunch
• Implement changes to poise the business for recovery
• Protect cash flow and seek additional capital
• Modify how you engage with guests and patrons

While this is likely your first experience with a pandemic, the toolkit looks back at the economic impact of previous pandemics such as SARS, MERS, bird flu, and Spanish flu to see the arc of the economy coming out of these crises and 3 various economic models recovery will fall into.

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COVID-19 Assistance: Support for Businesses

COVID-19 Assistance: Support for Businesses

This is a very stressful time for many businesses who are faced with limited customers, forced closures, and layoffs of staff.  Our local economy, our COMMUNITY, is dependent on so many small businesses, that through no fault of their own, now find it difficult to withstand weeks of little to no sale.    This extends to the people they employ who are often our neighbors, friends, or family.  

Dine Out Peabody

Dine Out Peabody

The month of October has been designated as “Dine Out Peabody” where you can enjoy special offers at participating restaurants throughout Peabody. Similar to “restaurant week” the promotion lasts a whole month giving you more opportunities to enjoy diverse culinary experiences. Restaurants and eateries will offer either a $20.20 Prix fix menu; a 20% discount or a special unique offer. To view the list of participating businesses and offers, visit click here.

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